Current List of Bills that are Dead in Paul Amador’s HW&M Committee

HW&M = House Ways & Means Commitee

As this weekend’s legislative townhall quickly approaches, it’s appropriate that we bring the good (and bad) things to light to hold our representatives accountable.

The most notorious issue that needs to brought to the public’s attention is Rep. Paul Amador’s repeated attempts to keep great bills from leaving his committee.

HB448 - Grocery tax repeal
HB460 - End legal abortion
HB462 - Defend the Guard Act
HB470 - Grocery tax repeal
HB484 - Remove income tax from military retirement pay
HB485 - Prohibit ballot drop boxes
HB486 - Require parental consent on child medical procedures
HB487 - Allow canvassed ballot inspection if there is a challenge
HB488 - Ensure schools would be in violation if they compel students to affirm CRT or discrimination
HB489 - Grocery tax repeal
HB490 - Adds misdemeanor to any county/city that goes against state firearms laws
HB491 - Mandates against forced vaccinations
HB492 - Gas tax relied
HB493 - Reduce Idaho sales tax from 6% to 5%
HB496 - Rights of CPS vs. parent

Source: (KCSpectator did the heavy-lifting by compiling this list!)

If you attend the Legislative Townhall, be sure to respectfully yet firmly demand that Rep. Paul Amador allows for bills in his HW&M committee to be properly heard and deliberated over.

In the end, this is the precise reason why Legislative bodies exist right?



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