Kristen Wing becomes proud South Dakotan

Kootenai RGMT led the investigation into Kristen Wing’s residency status, and determined from voter records in Pennington County, South Dakota that suggests she lost her residency in Kootenai County, Idaho on March 2nd, 2022

OFG = Optional Forms of Government

Kristen Wing’s Voter Registration

Kootenai RGMT led the research and uncovered Kristen Wing’s voter registration information suggesting she registered to vote in Pennington County, South Dakota on March 2nd, 2022.

Not early-April 2022 as Dave Botting had claimed.


Ramifications for Failing to Maintain Residency

Judging from the spirit of the letter in Idaho Statutes, it would seem that Kristen Wing’s membership on the Optional Forms of Government Study Commission violated Idaho statute after March 2nd, 2022.


This would likely render void any/all contributions that Kristen Wing made to the OFG Study Commission following March 2, 2022.

All of her a) votes, b) contributions as chairman of the subcommittee to draft the final report, c) and all deliberations to the study commission would be thrown out.


Kootenai RGMT has referred this information to Prosecuting Attorney Barry McHugh, Kootenai County Commissioners, and OFG Study Commission.

Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing.

Most people in Kootenai County wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep if this study commission was simply dissolved. This kind of violation of good faith against citizens of Kootenai has been routine for this study commission under the chairmanship of Dave Botting.


  • Reach out to County Commissioner Fillios, Brooks, and Duncan to share your thoughts about this situation 📬



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