Spirit Lake City Council Votes to Return ARPA Back to the U.S. Treasury

Last Tuesday, Spirit Lake City Council voted to return ARPA money to the U.S. Treasury.

They’re joining at least +70 cities/counties in Texas that we know of1, and there’s (probably) multitudes of other hardcore independent-minded local governments around America that have chosen this path forward to navigate the tumultuous time we’re in as a nation.

CDAPress won’t report on it because oozes the American Ideal of principle over expediency.2

Easy virtue does not exist. After approximately 800 days of Idaho’s state of emergency, you would think this should be clear as day to elected officials.

The machine must keep feeding I suppose. Cheers to the Spirit Lake City Council. That could not have been easy.

“I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God that cost me nothing.”
2 Samuel 24:24 (ESV)


  1. The Texas Disaster and Emergency Management website has a running list of every municipality that has returned ARPA money: https://bit.ly/391GRe9
  2. Search results for “ARPA” on CDAPress: https://cdapress.com/search/vertical/news.story/?q=arpa


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