Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Ruby Ridge

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Ruby Ridge.

Randy Weaver was asked by undercover ATF agents (whom he believed were friends) to sell them shotguns with barrels below the minimum 18″ length.

The ATF agents “accused Weaver of creating two illegal short-barreled shotguns but offered to drop the charges if he would infiltrate nearby white supremacist organizations. Weaver refused and a court date was scheduled. Due to an administrative oversight, Weaver’s notification of his court appearance was one month later than the actual date. When Weaver inevitably failed to appear a warrant was issued for his arrest.”1

In response to the arrest warrant, Weaver and his family replied with this joint statement: “We, the Weaver family, have been shown by our Savior and King, Yahshua the Messiah of Saxon Israel, that we are to stay separated on this mountain and not leave. We will obey our lawgiver and King,” the letter said. “​​Whether we live or whether we die, we will not obey your lawless government.”

The events that unfolded after that left several of Weaver’s family members and an US Marshall dead.

Ruby Ridge stands today as one of the greatest scandals ever perpetrated by the US Federal Government against an American citizen. Weaver passed away only a few months ago in May 12, 2022.


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