Out-on-Bail: Patriot Front

KOOTENAI RGMT conducted a records request to obtain the names of the individuals that bailed out the Patriot Front members after they were arrested by CDA Police Department.

There are various tidbits of interest:

  • The leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau, was the first individual bailed out by Taylor Williams (significance unknown). He posted bail on the same day at 10:47pm on June 11th, 2022. He usually wears a cowboy hat, and has an electronic bullhorn whenever Patriot Front does a public event.
  • Kieran Morris was also bailed out at 10:49pm (June 11th, 2022) by Taylor Williams. Morris is Patriot Front’s New York Director according to anarchistfederation.net.
  • The remaining members of Patriot Front were bailed out the next morning.
  • Twelve members were bailed out by someone named Joshua Plotner (significance unknown) totaling to $2,200 in bail fees for Plotner.


KREM attempted to reach out to individuals that bailed out the Patriot Front members however calls haven’t been returned.


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