Ada County is Chonky Chonk

How much weight does Ada County throw around in every Statewide+Federal election? About 30.25% actually. 🫠

The Idaho Secretary of State released a report on September 2nd. By the numbers, there are a total of 992,332 registered voters in Idaho. In Ada County alone there are 300,178 voters (one-third!!!1).

Drilling down into party affiliations in Ada County:

  • 48.64% GOP2
  • 18.37% DNC3
  • 31.42% Unaffiliated4
  • The remaining 1.6% of voters are affiliated with the Constitution/Libertarian parties.

Using these numbers, you can also extrapolate that Ada County holds 14.71% of all GOP voters in Idaho.

Fascinating indeed

Any real change for the State of Idaho hinges around Ada County. If you can capture the hearts+minds of Republican voters there… you’ll have a very easy path towards effecting broad changes throughout Idaho.

202209 CountyTotals

This PDF is a conversion of the XLSX file from the Idaho Secretary of State website (here).


  1. To be more precise, 30.25%.
  2. Total Ada Republicans: 145,999.
  3. Total Ada Democrats: 55,148.
  4. Total Ada Unaffiliated voters: 94,310.


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