KCRCC November Monthly Meeting (Unofficial Minutes)

Kootenai County Republican Central Committee meets each month to conduct its regular business. Below are the unofficial minutes made by a non-sitting member of the public.

♦ 7:00pm ~ Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance

Special Speakers
♦ 7:02pm ~ Leslie Duncan; Thanks for getting me elected;
♦ 7:04pm ~ Sean Smith with Kootenai Fire District; There’s going to be a seat opening up… get it on your radar to find a good candidate; T. Banducci asks why Fire Districts always support the swamp candidates… replies: “Not sure. But yea, they do endorse the ‘yes’ men.”
♦ 7:07pm ~ George Mitchell (past P.C. with the KCRCC for 30yrs); Word of exhortation about what KCRCC has been doing;

Brent Regan 7:08pm
♦ We won a majority of the seats, and passed IJR 102;
♦ We were outspent 2-to-1 in the NIC race;
♦ “Who’s upset with the election results at the national level? Don’t be! Beacuse Roe vs Wade was overturned the fight from the Left was expected. Would you trade Roe vs Wade to have better results in Congress?”
♦ Trump will win the Presidential primary because he’s possibly the most vetted man in the United States
♦ “I want you to enjoy Thanksgiving, rest easy… because we have a strong strategic position.”

Roll-call 7:16pm (There is a quorum)

Approval of last month’s minutes 7:20pm
♦ Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report 7:22pm
♦ Beginning balance $53.8K
♦ Donations $600
♦ Expenses —missed the number but upwards of $25K —
♦ Ending balance $28.1K

Committee Reports
♦ 7:23pm ~ Glenn Avery with recruitment committee; hustling for the various water/sewer districts that are next; also hustling for the next ~30 offices that are up for election in November 2023.
♦ 7:25pm ~ Terri Seymour with events(?); Christmas party (didn’t get the time sorry!) at New Life Church… there shall be ham; Motion to approve $200 to buy advertisement for Lincoln Day with John Birch Society;
♦ 7:30pm ~ Beverly Guenette with Lincoln Day Committee. L.D. is on Saturday, FEB 11th at CDA Resort; Marjorie Taylor-Greene will be the speaker along with an appearance by Alex Stein (the public commenter satirist dude); $175 for individual ticket; Needs P.C. to volunteer… lots of help needed;
♦ 7:33pm ~ Roger Garlock with Legislative Committee; Getting ready scheduling townhalls; Needs people to volunteer to help him!;
♦ 7:35pm ~ Todd Banducci; Mike Waggoner has already been sworn-in at NIC!; Come out to the Wednesday meeting of the Trustees at NIC to watch the trustee board in action with the new board;
♦ 7:35pm ~ Nina Beesly (volunteer coordinator); Thank you ❤️;

New Business
♦ 7:36pm ~ Safa Riad has resigned and endorsed Randy Neal to take her place;
♦ 7:37pm ~ [MOTION PASSED] Last month KCRCC talked about formed a new Marketing+Community Outreach Committee; N. Barnett (Chairman); “Protect and promote KCRCC brand in alignment with the mission – form marketing plan and present it – manage plan – brand standardization – trademarks/copyright – give briefings regularly – KCRCC Chairman (Regan) is ex-officio member of this committee;
♦ 7:40pm ~ [MOTION PASSED] Terri Seymour wants to publicly publish attendance records that will show which P.C.s are actually attending the monthly meeting; There should be annotations that will show P.C.s that are absent because of legislative duty (like Tony Wiseniewski), absent, proxy, present,
♦ 7:48pm ~ Brent Regan announces Winter meeting of the IDGOP is January 6+7th 2023 at Riverside Hotel in [city?]; This is not a big meeting like the one in Twin Falls, ID. Only the county executive leadership will be attending among other state party leaders;
♦ 7:52pm ~ [MOTION PASSED] Melanie Vanderfeer wants to introduce a resolution at Winter IDGOP meeting (titled: “Resolution Asking for the Practice of Holding Non-Personal Bills by the Committee Chairman be Stopped, and That They Be Heard, and Voted on by Committee … and so on”); Example of bills that were “put in the drawer” – abolishing grocery-tax – no porn to kids bill – prohibit trans surgery bills; (William’s corner: this resolution has no legal force rather sets an expectation for Idaho GOP senators+representatives);

Precinct Committeemen Nominations
♦ 8:21pm ~ Jeff Tyler is nominating Nicky(?) Sarinka(?) to Precinct 202.
♦ 8:22pm ~ Dan Bell via Beverly Guenette is nominating Will Dominguez(?) to Precinct 409.

♦ 8:23pm ~ KCRWF next meeting is December 1st at Coeur d’Alene Inn @11:30pm; new Kootenai Prosecutor Stan Mortensen and Steve Matheson as Kootenai Health Trustee re: the debacle will be speaking;
♦ 8:23pm ~ NI Pachyderms; December 2nd 8:00pm Christmas Party;

Adjourment 8:28pm


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